D3 Team

IMG 1806Klijah D. Mitchell
Director of Operations

BellaBilha Obong
Productions Assistant

IMG 1489Kareem A. Mitchell
Media & Productions Manager

Untitled 8Morgan Anderson-Reed
Culture & Marketing Manager

Nadine photoNadine Hailey
Executive Services Coordinator

Profile PicKiera Mitchell
Chief Client Officer

Leading Strategy Consultants

Dakota 3 Consulting Firm, Inc. is a woman-owned small business, specializing in Training & Development, Instructional Design, Project Management, and Continuous Improvement. Our innovative and idea management style philosophy enhances the effectiveness of organizations by improving workforce capacity through training, leadership, professional development, coaching, and organizational and human analytics. This method helps clients achieve and maintain optimal improvement in their people, processes, and customer service.

Our Experience

“D3’s considerable experience in the training and development arena, combined with our proposed operational efficiencies, advanced technologies, management capability, and staff resources, we will deliver on our commitment of responsible and quality performance your organization deserves. Perhaps most important, D3 is deeply committed to the quality of life, longevity, and the overall well-being of every human being.”




Tailored Solutions


D3 uses a compendium of Human Capital analytics to identify patterns in job performance compared to skill sets and continuing education in comparison to career advancement. Our subject matter experts follow the data and craft tailored solutions to facilitate our client needs.

Our Credentials