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The marketplace continues to shift toward employing trained leaders in the process of innovation. As demand for these trained design-thinking leaders grows, Dakota 3 Consulting Firm, Inc. prepares you to jump into business development. We help you put your unique way of thinking to work and develop skills to become a leader of change.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We work with various types of organizations public and private; local, state and federal government; education institutions and non-provide organizations.

    The initial consultation provides clients with the opportunity to discuss in detail their request for services, in addition to the Why for services.

    We provide strategic solutions that are specific to your organizational needs. The D3 approach includes making initial assessments, understanding the organization’s culture, building trust with the team and partnering with leadership.

    Yes, our SMEs place a high value on assessments and evaluation tools, even for the D3 team. It is a component of our Continuous Improvement company culture.