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Dakota Mitchell Transformational Leader

Are you a transformational leader? Do you know what a transformational leader is?

A transformational leader embodies several characteristics and traits including:

– Being a visionary

– Enjoys collaboration

– Inspires others

– Inclusive to all people and new ideas

– Emotionally intelligent

– Team centric

If you have any of these traits, chances are you are a transformational leader. You tend to go above and beyond in what you do and always want to help others succeed with you.

However, one of three key traits that transformation leaders embody that I’ll share today is

Charisma! Charisma is a compelling attractiveness or charm that inspires devotion in others. Do you have charisma? In what ways do you demonstrate this key transformational leadership trait?

If you have the desire to be a transformational leader or to improve your transformational leadership skills, D3 can help. In fact, we help so many small business owners to improve their leadership skills to grow their personal development and succeed in their business. Click here to arrange a free consultation or message me personally at dmitchell@dakota3consulting.com.

Author: morgan@dakota3consulting.com