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Signature Training with Proven Results

We have more than 25 years of experience facilitating our highly rated training programs and designing specialized curriculum for various types of organizations. We are committed to delivering effective Professional Training solutions, with measurable ROI. Our company’s Idea Management style philosophy offers an opportunity for clients to experience a state-of-the-art, and scalable training experience. Our training platform facilitates retention during the learning process and features a Dynamic Signature 4-week Implementation and Execution Practical. This trademark pending Practical is specifically designed to reinforce the efficacy of each participant’s newly learned skills, as they are applied in daily work activities. The real time assessment is facilitated by our Management Alliance Partnership (M-A-P) and is designed to acutely identify new skill development and areas with less-than-optimal progress. The M-A-P is the relationship D3 creates with Management in Collaboration to facilitate a holistic approach to building and sustaining newly developed employee skill sets. We serve educational institutions, local, state, and federal government, and private and public organizations. We manage education and professional development-focused events that directly align with your organization’s mission. Let us partner with you to build today and grow tomorrow. Contact us to begin the journey.

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