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The Formula for D3 Video Content for Social Media

According to recent statistics and performance reports, video content dominates social media marketing.  By 2022, online videos will account for 82% of all Internet traffic.

Did you know that 80% of marketers surveyed would like to create video content if they had the time and money?  Dakota 3 Consulting (D3) offers professional video marketing and digital content solutions with clear and concise messaging that drive your business towards success. Our team of editors, designers and camera crews animate video posts and create dynamic ads and video clips for all social media platforms. D3’s specialists, Internet marketers, and bloggers reach our client’s goals by producing quality and well-performing videos for social networks.

Many marketers and bloggers are unable to deliver quality video content despite initially having great ideas and props for video production. However, without a clear plan of action and a firm handle about algorithms, the result is often an amateur production, leaving audiences unclear and uncertain about your business.

We perform marketing analytics and evaluate the specifications for the various social media platforms. Videos for YouTube are produced differently than Facebook clips.  

D3 writers are masterful content developers. We understand that your video should tell the viewer something useful and carry informational value. Otherwise, why would anyone want to watch it?

Our videos will always start with something intriguing to introduce your organization’s content. Our marketing experts understand that there is only a 3-second window to establish interest for viewers.  We will often add infographics or animation, to help visually present information, even on the most complex topics.  

D3 Marketing and Media Productions team spend quality time generating creative ideas for your business. We make your video and content marketing exciting to excel performance. As you evaluate your business and how it is represented in the public and on social media, contact the D3 professionals who will deliver greater results.

Author: usabal_developer