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What is Business Consulting?

The number one benefit that consultants can offer to businesses is that they can provide temporary expertise. Hiring a consultant allows firms the ability to pay only for the services they need, rather than investing in pricey technologies or paying to keep staff on hand that may not always be needed. In addition, hiring a consultant enables cost benefits associated with a lack of taxes, the need to pay benefits, or human resources issues that are associated with hiring a new full-time employee. The costs involved in hiring a consultant are also scalable, so the firm is able to track costs and match them to the projects completed by the consultant. This allows the firm to analyze the value provided by the consultant. Finally, when the firm no longer needs the consultant’s services, the relationship is easily terminated.

Dakota 3 Consulting Firm (D3) provides a significant amount of value to an organization. We help to develop strategies for growth and manage projects. We bring experience from a variety of companies and industries, which allows our Professional Consultants to offer creative solutions to your organization’s challenges.  Our Innovative/Idea Management philosophy enables “out of the box” thinking to provide an objective viewpoint, which allows for more diverse ideas than could be provided solely by employees within the organization. D3 Consultants have extensive entrepreneurship backgrounds high levels of business expertise than the average consultant.  We provide unique solutions for government, businesses, and organizations and provide a cost-effective and valuable option for business development and revenue growth.       

A few benefits of using a D3 Consultant include: 

  • No taxes, benefits or human resource issues
  • Contract work is scalable
  • Easy to terminate when no longer needed
  • Independent advice
  • Diversity of ideas from other experiences
  • Flexible for project specific work
  • High level business professional than may be hired
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